Win it: The Timex Archive Navi Land

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Timex Archive Navi Land 38mm – $140

Mrs. Dappered and I recently moved house. It was, as is often the case when you’re a full grown adult with furniture that doesn’t fold, an enormous pain in the hindquarters. And it was during this moving process that I let the return window on this here, ordered originally for pure-review-purposes, Timex Archive Navi Land watch… expire.


So, we’re giving it away. This “loss” for my business*, is your gain dear reader. You’re welcome!

Win it: The Timex Archive Navi Land |

38mm diameter with 18mm lugs. Masculine looks but not overbearing size.

The noticeable improvement in Timex designs over the last few years has been led by their Waterbury as well as their “Archive” collections. It’s this Archive collection where Timex has dug back into their own design portfolio, and let’s be honest, the design portfolio of others, to inspire some decidedly retro but still contemporary looking, uh… looks.

Win it: The Timex Archive Navi Land |

Stainless steel case in “tumbled dark green.” Which has a little bit of shine, oddly enough.

Playing off the current trends of bronze and smaller watches, this Navi Land (oy the cognitive dissonance, WHAT IS A LAND NAVY?) can scratch plenty of itches all at once. The stainless steel case has a dark, earthy/bronzy green tone to it, the compass bezel delivers an eye catching but not shocking dose of burnt orange, and the hands and numerals look like they were lifted off an aircraft instrument panel. So yeah. It’s a field watch with their “Navi” design line as its backbone, and there are some aviation style design cues too. Land! Sea! Air! All we’re missing at this rate is some sort of Space Force influence. Or perhaps spelunking has a wristwatch heritage I’m unaware of. Maybe they could throw some Journey to the Center of the Earth style in there. Whatever that would be. Know what I mean (Jules) Vern(e)?

Win it: The Timex Archive Navi Land |

Unidirectional, no click, orange bezel. Turns but is taught enough to stay in place.

Diameter is 38mm but wears a little bigger. I usually wear watches in the area of 42mm, and it doesn’t feel small on my wrist. The band IS a bit on the not-as-wide side, for my tastes, since the lugs clock in at a svelte 18mm. But I wouldn’t call the slip-thru band lightweight. There’s good weight to it. Water resistance is an appreciated 100m. And in terms of the quartz movement, yes you can hear it “tick.” If that keeps you up at night, maybe invest in one of these high tech white noise machines.

If you’d like to win this watch I forgot to return because I was up to my eyeballs in spackle and forearm forklifts, you can do so by Entering Here to Win. One entry per person. Deadline for entry is 11:59 pm ET 9/12/19. Good luck!

Win it: The Timex Archive Navi Land |

* I am NOT a business mind. I do not have an MBA. Hardly. I have a degree in Journalism! HA! It’s not even worth the paper it’s printed on! 


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