From the beginning of time, kids have always been adorable, heartwarming…and totally weird. And what’s the best way for a kid to show off their weirdness? Show and tell of course! From glass eyes and famous knives to animals both dead and alive, these are certifiably the most bizarre things kids have brought to school.

1. All Eyes On Him

In fifth grade, we were studying human anatomy. When we got to the eyes, a kid brought in a bag full of cow’s eyes. His dad worked in a slaughterhouse. The teacher was horrified. He had brought them in, unannounced. The teacher had no plans for dissection and was just going to show us a filmstrip about eyes or something.

The teacher put them in the staff refrigerator for the day since we were living in the Arizona heat. Afterward, when the teacher returned the bag of eyes to my classmate, he took them home. On the walk home, he gave them out to any kid who wanted one. I’ll leave all that to your imagination.


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