Navigating the different styles of checkout can be tough. We’ve got you covered with a breakdown of some of the most common checkout personalities.

• The Speedy Gonzalez – Really over her shift, ready to go home. Light looks slow next to the speed of her checkout. It’s a good thing you’ve got a list to reference later on, because you’ve got no time to take notes with this one.

• The Inquisitor – Questions every decision made by the primary team when receiving checkout. Out loud. Like everyone’s an idiot. Very confident in his decision making, especially given that he has never spoken to the patient or seen the chart. Most frustrating of the types.

• The Extra – Gives the entire admission history and physical and hospital course for every patient, despite your protests of “yeah, I know this one.” Settle in, because it’s going to be a while.

• The Clueless – Knows nothing about his patients, aside from the demographics noted on the list. You’re on your own all night when getting checkout from this one.

• The OCPD – None of her progress notes are done at 8pm, but the list is color coded, up to date, and looks immaculate.

• The Minimizer – He’s “sure everything’s fine” with every patient. Favorite question is “Why is she still here?”

• The Sherlock – Catchphrase is “But maybe…” Believes she can solve all of the primary team’s problems before reaching the end of the checkout.

• The Anxious Annie – Not confident in anything that’s happening with her patients. Seeks validation from the night team. Frets through the whole checkout. Will get eaten alive when paired with The Inquisitor.

• The Socialite – Hasn’t heard a word you’ve said because he’s been on his phone the whole time. Game over if paired with The Clueless. Don’t forget to pray for your patients after finishing this checkout.


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