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Welcome to “What I Wear to Work.” A series on, you guessed it, who wears what to work. Would you like to be featured? See the bottom of this post for instructions. To get this party started, I (the headless Joe guy who runs this God forsaken popsicle stand) will go first. Here’s take two, which is what I’m likely to be wearing (or some variation thereof) when I don’t feel like suiting up:

What I Wear to Work: Joe from Dappered (creative casual) | Dappered.com

The Sportcoat: Target Goodfellow & Co. Standard Fit Knit Blazer in Heather Gray – $40 ($49.99). All hail the swazer. I know some of you hate knit sportcoats. And that’s fine. But for some of us, they’ve been a great addition to our wardrobe since the rise of athleisure lowered the dressed-up factor of daily/casual/smart casual wear by a noticeable amount. Sportcoat shown at the top of the post is actually a wool/cotton number from Brooks Brothers. Got it on sale when they were offering an additional 25% off their sale section, but the Target Goodfellow blazer is still a hell of a lot less expensive. Joke’s on me!

The Henley: Goodthreads Short-Sleeve Lightweight Slub Henley in Moonlight Blue – $20Or, whatever henley you prefer in a bit of a contrasting color.

The Jeans: Banana Republic Athletic Tapered Rapid Movement Denim Stay Blue Jean – $70.80 ($118). Now if they could only make their outstanding core-temp chinos in an Athletic Tapered. THEN we’d be in business.

The Watch: Seiko Samurai Dive Watch – $344.95. Yep. Again. I’ve got a few watches, but it’s the diver that gets the most run for whatever reason. Like I said, they’re versatile. Cheap, mid-price, expensive, whatever.

The Socks: Lighter Weight Merino Wool Hiking Socks – $26.95 / 3 pairs. I’ve found that mid to lighter weight, merino-blend crew socks in colors like navy or gray are hugely convenient to have on hand. These happen to be 33% Merino Wool, 33% Acrylic, 33% Polyamide, 1% Elastane.

The Briefcase: Saddleback Flight Case – $549I don’t change briefcases depending on what I wear. I’m guessing you don’t either?

The Shoes: Frye “Gates” Chelsea Sneakers – $94.99 ($258). I wear the hell out of my BR chelsea sneakers. Those are sold out, but the Frye versions aren’t!

The Belt: GAP Basic Leather Belt in Brown – $24 when 40% off ($40). Old faithful. I can’t think of a time this belt hasn’t served me well.

The Underwear: Ex Officio Give-N-Go Breathable Brief – $19.98. I still wear underwear when I’m not in a suit. Bet you’re glad you know eh? I don’t get you types who go commando. You people are agents of chaos. AND IT STARTS WITH YOU WELCOMING ENTROPY INTO YOUR CROTCH. Yeah. Crotch chaos. That’s you commando dudes. More noodles flying around than a top-ramen fight.

If you want to take this for a spin, send an email to joe@dappered.com with who you are, what you do, and what you’d like to submit. To be featured, we’ll need a picture of you at work, as well as the details on what you’re wearing/usually wear on the job. Final image will have to be cropped down to 1500×840 pixels, so, keep that in mind when shooting. Landscape mode please, and let’s keep anything from the chin up out of it, since our eventual robot overlords will one day scalp the web for faces that they can scan and plaster onto their metallic skulls to increase their “trustworthiness.” Note that sending an email with your picks and a pic doesn’t guarantee publishing. We gotta have some variety, y’know? That’ll help your chances. But be yourself. And get your employer’s permission if you’re gonna get specific with your place of work. If you get fired, that’s on you. Good luck. We’ll be in touch.