Marine Serre

Most people with tattoos will tell you that they have one or two that they wish they could simply lift off their body. Whether it’s recalling an ex, a teenage moment that should never have been immortalized, or just a dodgy design, bad tats are rife and definitely not worth it. What is worth it, though, is getting full-body inked by Marine Serre and being able to take it off at the end of the day.

The Marine Serre Second Skin Top has become a signature for the label. Skin-tight and emblazoned with the imprint’s go-to Crescent Moon logo, it’s instantly recognizable and unique on the market. But while the Second Skin Top usually only comes in a handful of different color variations, the new drop sees a new look altogether.

Now complete with classic tattoo motifs, the semi-sheer long-sleeve tee is a veritable optical illusion. When you’re layering up for fall & winter, this bold base layer will come in useful. A warning, though: with family time on the way, this one might give your grandparents a shock.

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