Trust us: There really ARE more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophies. Whether it’s the unsettling premonition they can’t quite explain to the downright terrifying encounter with the Other Side, these Redditors swear they’ve had a paranormal experience. And after reading these stories, we have to believe them…

1. Skipped A Whole Day

When I was in the third grade, the most terrifying experience of my life happened. There was a day where it seemed like I didn’t exist. I walked into Spanish class first thing in the morning the next day, and we all went over our work from the previous day. I didn’t have mine and had no recollection of having it assigned or learning the material on it.

I asked some other students about it, and they said they remembered me being there, in the class. After leaving Spanish, I went back to my normal grade school classroom and we did some math-related stuff. We were supposed to go over our work from yesterday, but once again, I didn’t remember there being homework at all.

Occurrences like that kept happening for the rest of the day. My friends all unanimously stated that they remembered me being there for the whole day, but I didn’t remember anything. And it was only that one day. I still have no idea what happened.


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