The people you work with play a big part in making your job enjoyable. It’s important to be surrounded by people who exude positive energy and support you in your job, especially since you’ll be spending the majority of your time with them. Unfortunately, not everybody is blessed with pleasant coworkers. These employees share their most infuriating moments with the people in their places of work, and honestly, as bad as these situations may be, we can’t deny they make for juicy reads:

1. I’m On to You

I was working late one day and my dumb co-worker, “Stacy,” and another co-worker who work later than me were both there. Stacy was a few feet from me and the other co-worker didn’t know I was working late that day. So she comes out of the break room and says “Oh, you’re still here?” I jokingly say “No, I left!”

Honest to god, Stacy jumps out of her seat and says “HE’S LYING, HE’S STILL HERE.”


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