Over the next few weeks at Get Rich Slowly, I plan to ramp up the production level once again. I’m not going to return to the pace of one article per day that I was maintaining at the start of the year, but I’m not going to rest at two articles per week like I did in June, either. I’m guessing we’ll end up at three to four articles per week.

To start, here’s some raw video from Miami Beach, Florida in which three men work together to distract a convenience store clerk in order to install a card skimmer at a point-of-purchase card reader.

This is interesting to me because I’ve never understood how these things work. I don’t know how to spot card skimmers, and I don’t know how crooks install them.

Well, apparently it takes like two seconds for them to install the device — and they look (superficially, at least) exactly like the regular card readers. That sucks. I don’t know how to avoid a skimmer, and I don’t know what to tell you in order to make sure that you’re safe.

Here are two articles about card skimmers (and how to protect yourself):

Card skimming is relatively uncommon but it does happen. Your best bet — as it is in many situations like this — is to check your bank accounts regularly to be sure there’s no suspicious activity.

I’m beginning to suspect that this is what’s been happening to Kim when she gets her debit card info stolen. I’ll bet it’s not some sort of elaborate scam or mail-theft ring. I’d wager that someplace she frequents regularly has had an issue with scammers installing card skimmers.

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