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Sales that deserve some attention heading into the weekend or a bit earlier. Five of the better sales are below, plus bonus sales if need be. Included are a few picks worth pointing out. 


Rancourt & Co: quiet crowdfunding pre-orders have begun

Rancourt & Co. Shoes

Not only is crowdfunding a thing, pre-orders for crowdfunding is a thing! We live in strange retail times. Rancourt quietly sent out an email to some of their customers saying they’re doing another limited run pre-order campaign starting June 8th. So why order now? 1. In case they fill all the pre-order slots, and 2. Everyone who reserves their spot before June 8th and then places their order when ordering opens will receive a free tin of Smith’s Leather Balm. Slots are filling up surprisingly fast. Estimated ship date on these shoes is August 16th. So you’ll have to wait more than a minute to get your new shoes. All made in the USA here.


Under Armour: New additions to their outlet deals (sale) section

Under Armour

Any other workout fans feel their sweating habits change from drip drip to full on GUSHER in the last week or two? It’s time. Summer workout sessions = extra planning when it comes to sweat management. And that might mean new breathable, wicking gear. Can’t speak highly enough about the MK-1 tees. They’re lightweight, they’ve got plenty of stretch, and the template is perfect. They’re not loose. They’re not compression. They’re “fitted”. Just right. Ease of movement without constriction or bolts of fabric getting caught up on your limbs or in the wind. Meanwhile, it’s swamp-arse season. Don’t let it happen to you. Ditch the cotton drawers (which just holds onto sweat) and get some tech fabric underwear.


J. Crew: 30% off select Summer Essentials w/ SHOPNOW

J. Crew menswear

Time to eat some humble pie. On Tuesday your friendly neighborhood affordable men’s style website editor said that the usually excluded chore coat from Wallace & Barnes was pretty good for 25% off, since it’s been excluded a lot lately. And thennnn they go and INCLUDE the thing in a 30% off deal. Dammit. Code expires Sunday 6/6, of which then I’m sure J. Crew will mark those chore coats down by 35%, just to twist the knife. Or something.


Target: Up to 25% off Furniture

Target chair

The Pick: Callahan Mid Century Club Chair – $181.89 ($214)

So it seems that Target is now almost perpetually offering “up to” 25% off their flat pack inexpensive furniture. Yet the selection of just what’s getting a discount and what not seems to rotate every week. Bottom line: That chair. Want that chair. Don’t need a chair. Want that chair.


Todd Snyder: New Additions to their Summer Sale

Todd Snyder

There is some WEIRD stuff in the Todd Snyder sale section right now. There’s also some pretty darn great stuff (*all style is subjective, so, yeah) in there too.


BONUS  Huckberry: The Best of what’s left from the long weekend sale

Huckberry menswear

WOW a lot of stuff either: A. sold out, or B. really did very much go back up to full price after the long weekend. But there’s still quite a bit kicking around in the Huckberry sale section, if you somehow missed out on the long weekend sale.


Also worth a mention:


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