Sure, working in customer service sucks—and sometimes, it’s the customer service itself that’s a nightmare. These Redditors are chiming in from the other side of the counter about their good, bad, and horrifically ugly experiences with store clerks. From shady employees to miracle-worker cashiers to immature managers, these stories are good therapy for anyone who has ever had to wait in line too long.

1. I’m Getting Hangry

One day, I wanted to have food delivered, so I set up my UberEATS. I order my food, and it’s over $50 of sushi for me and a friend. The driver is highly rated. Cool. My phone is across the room, my food is supposed to arrive around 10:01 pm. I look at the clock and see, “Oh shoot, it’s 10:00 exactly! Better check my phone and see if Driver is looking for me!”

I have a notification that he arrived six minutes ago, but no missed calls. Odd. My phone was on vibrate, which I would’ve heard from across the room, so if he had tried to contact me at all I would’ve heard it. So it’s crazy inconvenient and rude that he didn’t call at all once he arrived. I have an accompanying notification from Uber saying that “Your driver can cancel your order with no refund after 8 minutes.”

I walk outside and text that I’m coming, and ask where he is. Good thing it hasn’t been 8 minutes, and I have documentation of that fact, right? At this point, I’m outside searching for him. I send him multiple texts and call him multiple times. I can see on the app that he “read” the texts, but no reply ever comes. Both the calls ring out to voicemail. I’m starting to panic, and I have good reason to.

I can’t find his car, because it’s not outside my apartment building, meaning it’s somewhere else in the complex. At this point, it’s obvious that the man is running out the clock. I keep walking around looking and finally spot him…driving away. He drives right past me, I see his face and recognize him, I wave frantically. I’m in the road behind him, there’s no way he doesn’t see me.

He keeps driving. He cancels the order. My $50 of sushi drives away with this man, and he now owns all of it. My order disappears instantly from the app, so I lose all ability to contact him. I immediately call UberEATS customer service, and here’s where it somehow gets even more ridiculous. The person I’m speaking to isn’t just scripted, they’re not even TRYING not to sound scripted.

They start with “I’m sorry this happened to your order, what happened?” I explain in detail what happened. She seems to absorb none of these details, and in a conversation so circular it made me dizzy, she managed to repeat herself seven times, saying, “It shows here your driver waited over nine minutes, so it is impossible for us to offer a refund.”…Yeah, and I couldn’t find him for those nine minutes because he never contacted me and dodged my calls once I checked and saw he was there.

And then he saw me and drove away anyway. Does she care? Of course not. She repeats herself mechanically, zero listening. I ask if there’s someone else who CAN offer a refund, so she says “I can transfer you to my supervisor” and I go on hold for about two minutes. The line picks back up, and I couldn’t believe who answered. It’s the same woman. Claiming to be a supervisor.

Call me crazy, I don’t care, this woman’s voice was INCREDIBLY distinctive. I’m not a suspicious person or a disgruntled customer by nature, but both of my friends who were in the room listening at the same time said, “Oh my god is that the same woman?” There’s no way it was someone else. She reads from the same script, acknowledges nothing I say, and I wish her a good night and end the call.

My friend tries calling, since $25 of her sushi was also in the car and she’s angry. The call goes exactly the same way, and although she’s much more insistent and persistent, it goes nowhere, and this time THEY hang up on HER. I ended up calling my bank to reverse the charge, and even though it was 11 at night, I had no problem explaining the situation to them, and it was a quick pleasant call.

Moral of the story, if you must use food delivery services, be sure you have a good bank first.


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