Coca-Cola has unveiled a brand new commercial featuring music from none other than Tyler, the Creator.

The two-minute ad, entitled Open That Coca-Cola, follows its traditional narrative of cracking open a cold Coke bottle on a hot day, and its refreshing taste causes everyone who can get their lips on it to break out in dance. The IGOR artist took to Twitter to share his thoughts on and appreciate his produced work, also revealing that he initially had second thoughts on providing the music.

“[D]rums are f*cking hard the low end is shaking,” “[T]hat[‘]s me playing the flute at the beginning,” he wrote in two separate tweets, adding, “[M]annnn thanks coca cola for reallll big love for the opportunity i was like ehh idk but then i f*cking ran with it. commercials need sounds like this, thanksssss.”

Watch the full Coca-Cola commerical above.

Elsewhere in music, Denzel Curry, Ariana Grande and Lil Yachty lead this week’s Best New Tracks.

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