This was a four hour deposition and there’s a lot to read. It starts with 20 pages of redaction, so if you are interesting in exploring, jump to page 26, with the questioning of Phillip Shoemaker, who worked on building the App Store review team.

There’s an interesting nugget on page 29, discussing rules that are arguable:

Q: You also called the rules arguable. What did you mean by that?

A: Well, it’s objectionable material…Porn…I’ll know it when I see it. Those were a lot of the guidelines and you read them, you’ll see that most were written in a gray, a very subjective manner. And developers read them one way…spend time, spend money to build an app and submit it and we reject it because we interpret that line differently.

When they’re arguable, they’re really difficult to enforce and…it breeds a lot of anger, hence, my numerous death threats.

Death threats! Wow, had no idea. And they were numerous.

So much to process in this deposition. Here’s the big breakdown to help you navigate (the page numbers are the numbers at the very bottom of the document viewer, not the page numbers embedded in the document itself):

  • Phillip Shoemaker starts on page 26
  • Eddy Cue starts on page 49
  • The discussion of whether or not to open iMessage on Android is on page 54
  • Scott Forstall starts on page 67

Fascinating look behind the scenes at Apple.

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