On the surface, Lady Kathleen Cavendish seemed to have it all—but once anyone finds out her real name, they know much differently. Born Kathleen Kennedy, she was the sister of John F. Kennedy and the daughter of the infamously cursed clan. And make no mistake, she was cursed: Although she had all the inborn elegance of her family name, Kathleen’s end was both scandalous and brutal.

Kathleen Cavendish Facts

1. She Was American Royalty

Born Kathleen Kennedy, Kathleen’s mother and father were the prominent Joseph and Rose Kennedy, and the famous clan went on to produce luminaries like Kathleen’s ill-fated brothers President John F. Kennedy and Senator Bobby Kennedy. Yet as we’ll see, Kathleen was just as much a victim of the horrific “Kennedy Curse” as her siblings, and her nightmare started early.

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