No one can wear men’s jewellery quite like Johnny Depp, particularly when it comes to the fashion-forward silver ring. Everybody’s favourite pirate knows that there’s nothing more masculine and en vogue than a well-placed ring, particularly if you choose a stand-out style that will attract attention for all of the right reasons.

Choosing a ring is a decision that should be well-thought out, and picking the style and the designer to suit your needs is essential. You’ll need to think about your budget, as well as which ring will integrate with your lifestyle and suit your unique sense of style.

To help you on your way, here’s our definitive count down of the top five ring brands for men. Drum roll please…

John Hardy

Founded in 1975, John Hardy specializes in using traditional handmade jewellery techniques to create distinctive pieces for both men and women. The designer boasts a huge range of different ring designs, meaning that you’re sure to find one that’s right for you.

At the heart of the John Hardy brand is a commitment to the environment and social responsibility: the brand is working towards becoming entirely carbon neutral and offsets its carbon emissions by planting bamboo.

The collection is designed and created in Bali. The brand is famed for its Asian-inspired designs and particularly focuses on creating oversized signet rings both with and without stone detailing. Many of Hardy’s designs replicate the texture shape of bamboo to emphasize this heritage. These are statement pieces perfect for the man that wants to stand out.

Oversized signet rings such as these are best styled without other rings, although they do look great paired with chunky chain bracelets in a mixture of metal and leather tones and textures. Oversized watches also create excellent balance with these kinds of rings.

The signet ring is a great fashion statement, particularly if you choose a ring with a vibrantly colored stone. If you really want to draw attention to your ring and make it an integral part of your outfit then why not emphasize its color by coordinating it with your outfit: a blue-stoned ring paired with a blue Oxford shirt, for example, is a great classic but fashion-forward combo.

Here are some examples of classic John Hardy signet rings, so help you determine if the designer is right for you:

David Yurman

The David Yurman brand was established in 1980, and is run by husband and wife duo, David and Sybil Yurman. The brand creates incredibly modern designs and the design trademark of David Yurman is the cable texture, which they incorporate into almost every piece they create.

Brad Pitt regularly wears a David Yurman signet ring, and signet and pinkie rings are a core part of their menswear range. What makes David Yurman jewellery for men distinctive is the abundance of black used in the designs: onyx, black diamonds, black titanium and other black stones are a core part of their offering. Some examples of these dark designs are below:

If you like traditional gold or silver metalwork, or are a committed colour fan then David Yurman may not be the right designer for you. But if you’re looking for something distinctively dark to incorporate an air of mystery into your day to day look then they are a great choice.

The best thing about black jewelry is that it can be worn with almost anything. To create a rock star aesthetic, pair with skinny jeans, a simple tee, and your favourite leather jacket. Alternatively, create contrast by teaming your ring with something white and bright, just like Brad Pitt.

David Yurman men’s rings are pieces that will never go out of fashion so, although they are pricey, they should be considered a long-term investment.


Miansai positions itself as a timeless brand which prides itself on its attention to detail. The brand is best known for its men’s bracelets, which are constructed from leather and mixed metals, in a wide variety of different colors. However, they also create interesting and attention-grabbing minimalist rings.

Miansai is a relatively new brand which finds beauty in the smallest details, which is why they focus on smaller designs, rather than the oversized statement pieces of other brands.

One of the more simple and affordable ring designers on the list, Miansai offer unrivaled quality within their relatively low price point. This means that whilst the brand utilizes precious metals within their ring designs, you won’t find the crystals and precious stones that other brands use within the Miansai designs. Here are some great examples of the typical Miansai ring style:

With unexpected straight lines, asymmetric shapes, and aesthetically pleasing curves, these are rings designed for the fashion-forward man. Their unusual style aesthetic means that you can be braver than usual with your outfit choices if you are sporting a Miansai ring.

Experiment with contrasting patterns, refuse to shy away from bright bold colors, and release your inner fashion icon. These are designs for the brave.


LE GRAMME is an ethically minded brand created by Adrien Messié and Erwan Le Louër. With its modern French design, one of the biggest unique selling points of LE GRAMME is their commitment to sustainability, which is why all of their pieces are created from recycled 925 sterling silver. It is this commitment to sustainability and to recycling existing silver pieces that earns LE GRAMME the runners up spot on our list!

This is a brand that truly embraces simplicity. The simple and clean lines that define the LE GRAMME style mean that their rings are understated and unassuming. This makes them incredibly easy to style, particularly if you like a clean and preppy aesthetic.

Pair your minimalist sterling silver ring with a simple silver watch, and then elevate your style by rolling back the sleeves of your cashmere jumper. Add jeans and suede desert boots to finish the look. Alternatively, for a more modern look, a simple grey marl sweater with light wash denim is a great mix with this minimalist jewellery style.The key to pulling off minimalism with panache is to focus on quality: each piece should be well fitting and created from the most luxury fabrics you can afford. The devil is in the detail here, so don’t let any of the details pass you by.

The LE GRAMME range is very masculine and has an architectural feel: this is a collection created by men and for men. If you’re looking for a stand out or showstopping piece then this isn’t the range for you. But if you’re looking for something understatedly beautiful then it is certainly worth exploration.

Marcos de Andrade 

Last, but certainly not least, at the top of our list we have Marcos de Andrade. This brand topped our list of winners because Marcos de Andrade rings are famed globally for their high quality and incredible attention to detail. These are rings that men are excited to wear.

The intricacy of the designs within the Marcos de Andrade rings is what makes them so desirable. Each ring has its own stand-out design, from owls with fine feather detailing to court inspired monograms fit for a king.

The rings are constructed from precious and luxurious materials, meaning that they will last a lifetime.

Marcos de Andrade is a jewelry brand designed exclusively for men, meaning that they have the needs of their male customers specifically in mind. These are pieces designed for the timeless and elegant gentleman: invest now and wear forever, without ever feeling like your style is dated.

*NEWS: was featured as top Men’s Fashion Jewelry on the largest men’s fashion MAGAZINE
Fashion Influencer Alex Costa

You can wear your Marcos de Andrade ring both to work and when at play: these are pieces that look just at home worn with a simple tee as they do with a slimline three-piece suit!

This brand is our clear winner: as far as we’re concerned, there’s no better men’s ring designer in the world than Marcos de Andrade! When you wear a highly intricate ring, such as the designs by Marcos de Andrade you are showing that you are suave and stylish: that you care about how you look and take the time to really focus on the details.

Wear your ring alone, or stacked with others (a la Johnny Depp) to immediately make an impactful statement about your serious sense of style.

You can buy from the full range of Marcos de Andrade rings here.

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