When guys first decide they want to grow a beard, they simply think all they have to do is not shave and they will get amazing looking facial hair like they see on instagram.

Well, it doesn’t quite work like that. Sure, letting your facial hair grow is a major (and important) component, but it’s just the first stage of having an amazing looking beard. If you just let your beard grow without maintaining it, you will just look like a hobo.

Like anything else in men’s grooming, beards need to be maintained and styled according to what you like.

So what DO YOU like? Below is 6 styles of beards most guys tend to go for.

Tip: they all require grooming and maintenance from a quality beard trimmer.

So how do you get that desired beard style that you’ve been looking for? A high quality beard trimmer.

Choosing the right beard trimmer is crucial. Not only will a low quality one result in a bad trim, but you also run the risk of irritated skin and pulled hairs which are painful as hell. Since skin comfort is half the reason we hate shaving, a trimmer that irritates it defeats the entire purpose.

We have put together a list of some of the best on the market. No seriously, I made this list when specifically looking for a beard trimmer for myself and I’m a huge stickler when buying grooming products.

If you’re not too keen on details, I’ve listed all the trimmers in a compact list below for convenience.

Best Beard Trimmers Summary List

Brand Model Price      
Brio Beardscape Check Price
Philips Norelco Check Price
Wahl Peanut Check Price
Conair i-Stubble Check Price

1. Brio Beardscape

First off, I have to mention the packaging and presentation of the Brio beardscape. I know most of us guys only care about functionality and getting the job done, but it is worth mentiontiong the Beardscape has absolutely beautiful presentation.

It feels like you’re opening up a brand new iPhone.

With that said, let’s get to the actual trimming capabilities. The Beardscape feels very well made, once you get it in your hands you will definitely get the feeling that a lot of care and quality was put into the construction.

The charge lasts for hours, which is a huge bonus.

Once you turn the bad boy on, you’ll be surprised at how quiet it sounds. I thought there’s no way something this quiet could cut through my heavy beard, but my doubts were unfounded as the Brio Beardscape handled the job perfectly (while being super silent!).

Now let’s talk about the pitfalls. No product is perfect after all. I found the Beardscape to have slightly too wide of clippers, at times it feels difficult having to navigate in those hard to reach places like below your nose.

It’s not a dealbreaker, it just means you will have to learn to navigate the contours of your face more skillfully when using it.

Every beard trimmer has a “skill curve” you will get used to after awhile.

2. Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer

There’s a good reason Philips Norelco is perhaps the biggest name in men’s electric shaving and grooming.

Whether it’s their body groomers or electric shavers the Norelco series sets the bar for which all other shavers and groomers should be compared to.

When you get a Philips Norelco you can expect a quality product that will more than likely satisfy your needs, and this is true for the Philips Norelco Beard & Head trimmer.

Honestly, if you’re new to trimming your beard, I always like to recommend Philips because they make the learning curve a lot less painful. If you want a stubble look, this will achieve it, if you want a shorter beard, this will achieve it, if you want to groom and style a large beard, this will achieve it.

I’ve also found the Philips Norelco to be a lot more forgiving in terms of irritation and pulled hairs. If you’re inexperienced and want to learn how to properly groom your beard, I highly recommend this model. It simply is a quality product that get’s the job done.

3. Wahl Peanut

If you’re hardcore about your trimmer, and want something with a strong motor without any gimmicks, this is the trimmer for you.

Wahl has been a trusted name in the barbering world for decades, I know many people that have owned their Wahl Peanut for 5+ years and they still love it.

If you’re looking for a trimmer that won’t quit on you, that you’ll still have years down the road, the Wahl Peanut is a “buy it for life” trimmer made just for you.

This trimmer cuts through hair like butter – but with great power comes great responsibility!

If you’re not comfortable with that much power, I wouldn’t get this trimmer. But if you were blessed with a Zeus like Beard that is as tough as nails and constructed like barbed wire, the Wahl Peanut is the right trimmer for the job.

The Wahl Peanut as the name suggest is very compact and small, it doesn’t come with any thrills or gimmicks, it’s just a darn powerful, high quality trimmer.

4. Conair i-Stubble

So far we’ve reviewed some very heavy hitters. Trimmers that are able to cut even the thickest and most coarse beards, but what if you simply want a nicely trimmed stubble?

Sometimes the heavy hitting trimmers can be a little rough on the skin and cause a lot of irritation, or they don’t have the precision to get the job done exactly how you’d want it.

Say hello to the Conair i-Stubble.

If you rock a shorter beard or simply want to trim to a stubble length and keep it there, there’s no other beard trimmer I would recommend.

You simply cannot get the trimmer lengths the iStubble offers in other trimmers.

The iStubble is simply the best beard trimmer for stubble and short(er) beards.

It charges fast, is surprisingly quiet and the best part – it gives you a very even and clean trim, even on the first pass.

If you’re a stubble man, this is the trimmer for you.

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