Every year since 1981, the Ford F-150 has outsold every car in America.

The F-150 lineup is responsible for $40B+ in annual revenue. As an American product, it comes only 2nd to the iPhone in sales, according to Bloomberg.

Now, with 200k reservations, the all-new battery-electric F-150 Lightning — damn, that reads like a car commercial — will begin deliveries in the coming weeks.

And it could seriously ignite America’s EV adoption

On the supply side, after CEO Jim Farley announced the truck in 2019, other legacy players followed in his footsteps. Now, companies will look to the Lightning’s launch as proof for whether an electric pickup can sell.

On the demand side, if any car is gonna get swaths of rural Americans to go green, it’s an electric F-150. The damn thing can power a house for 3 days, for goodness’ sake.

Plus, factoring in subsidies, the estimated lifetime cost for a Lightning is 17% less than its gas-powered sibling.


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