This photo project is designed to show the types of lighting in photography.
Namely: High key. Low key. Full tone range. Graphics.
Here we can see how easy it is to experiment with light and create atmospheric photos.
This is a story about the art of the birth of bread.

I like to experiment with light, it’s always an interesting experience and result. The idea with the dough was born due to the desire to create an atmospheric and emotional picture. And it immediately occurred to me to show the warm story of my grandmother’s bread making. Black-and-white photo style, which added cool graphics, successfully played a role here. I also paid special attention to the composition of objects. It is in this story that the game and the types of light are successfully combined with the idea of photography.

The process of creating this photo is very interesting. I photographed it with my favorite Nikon D7000 camera. At first I watched my grandmother knead the dough, how smoothly her hands worked, I studied the mood of the photo. And then I made balls out of dough and looked for the best composition for them in the frame. In the process of taking pictures, I tried different angles, lighting and infusion for the photo. For white photography and graphics, I used a table lamp and daylight. And for low-key and full-toned photography, I only used lamp light. It is important to remember that with a high key, the photo should be as light as possible, with a low key as dark as possible, the full tonal range should reveal all the color tones in the photo, and graphics are fifty by fifty white and black.

Many people appreciated my project, they liked the idea and the atmosphere of the photo. And also the explanation and performance of work with lighting in a photo is available. The Lviv National Academy of Arts reviewed this work. I was also pleasantly impressed by the Design Ideas website, which invited me to post my project on their website. It’s cool when your work inspires others 🙂

Yulia Hanyk

Hi, my name is Yulia!
I do illustration, photography and graphic design.
I like to create something new and interesting in these areas. I experiment a lot with colors, styles and techniques, and the process of creating this is a special magic.
Art lives in me, and I live in art 🙂


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