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Japanese clothing craft is renowned the world-over, translating to a nearly mythologized dedication to quality production that still informs the country’s fashion industry. It’s easy to cite brands like Visvim and Kapital as clear indicators of thoughtful construction, but there are also countless smaller makers conscious of premium design, like Insonnia Projects. The young label is dedicated to premium layering pieces but well-aware of contemporary tastes — there are no stodgy sweaters here, just wildly lavish T-shirts.

Insonnia Projects works hand-in-hand with a specialist factory to produce garments like delicately woven sweaters and washed-out shirts that approximate vintage finds, all finished by expert craftspeople. Its latest drop sees the brand again partnering with BEAMS, a frequent co-conspirator, to issue a series of extremely luxurious graphic T-shirts printed with imagery borrowed from pre-eminent surrealist painter Salvador Dali.

The imagery includes some of Dali’s most famous works, including The Persistence of Memory, Portrait of Picasso, Uranium and Atomica Melancholica Idyll, and The Madonna of Port Lligat. These colorful works are reproduced with a specific tenjiku rubber transfer printing process that retains the bold shades while encouraging cracking that recreates the look and feel of a decades-old tee.

Each white or black shirt also undergoes a custom wash that fades the weighty cotton jersey to perfection. They’re finished with a brass tab at the rear of the neck, which attaches to removable leather straps that make it easy to roll them up for storage. Suffice to say, these aren’t your typical museum gift shop goodies.

All of the Insonnia Projects Dali-themed items are currently available on BEAMS’ website for ¥10,780 (approximately $100) apiece. Note, it doesn’t ship internationally, but nearly any Japanese proxy service can purchase items from Japanese web stores.


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