No entrepreneurial journey is ever easy. But for military spouses, starting a business and making it a success is an uphill battle. From moving around different parts of the world to finding tools and resources to succeed, military spouses have to overcome some additional challenges to establish their businesses. And most often, military spouse business owners are alone struggling to deal with these business obstacles.

Moni Jefferson is on a mission to help military spouses become successful business owners. Recently, Ramon Ray interviewed her to explore what she is doing and how she is assisting military spouse entrepreneurs.

Who Is Moni Jefferson?

Moni Jefferson

Moni Jefferson is a PR strategist and entrepreneur, having a specialization in influencer and consumer PR. She works with clients around the world to build their brand. Her growth strategies have helped businesses reach their target audience and generate sales. She is also a serial entrepreneur with more brands.

Being a military spouse herself, she understands the struggles and challenges military spouse entrepreneurs face. In fact, the sole objective of starting the Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs (AMSE) was to aid military spouses entrepreneurs in their business endeavors.

Military spouse entrepreneurs Moni Jefferson and Flossie Hall

Mental Health and Wellness

Apart from deployments, there are many challenges that a military spouse has to navigate. Here are two big ones:

  • Frequent moves (usually 1-3 years)
  • Training of service members, in which they are not at home for a certain period (can be out of state or overseas)

Military Spouse Unemployment rate 24% (Highest Before COVID)

With the spouses being unemployed and their spouse – the service member – being gone, there’s a lot of mental health and wellness that goes into it. Military spouses are serving, taking care of their family and the entire homefront. Then, sometimes spouses may need to work outside the home because their family needs another income. This can cause a lot of emotional instability, insecurity and lack of confidence.

“What we’re finding with spouses who start a business is that their confidence level goes up, they’re making money, and they have something to look forward to. They’re not just at home [but] using their skill set, their education to work in a field that they desire.”

Moni says that entrepreneurship and freelance work are so important.

“It reduces divorce rates because now the spouse has something of her own. Also, it reduces anxiety and depression. And it increases the economic stability of the military family.”

Challenges Military Spouse Entrepreneurs Face

Like any other entrepreneur, military spouse entrepreneurs have to navigate through roadblocks to make their businesses grow.

However, being a military spouse entrepreneur, you are likely to struggle a bit more. This is because:

  • You’re going to move frequently as the job of your spouse demands. This means you may have to uproot your business and start over again in a new city.
  • It will be difficult for you to build a business network as you will be changing cities frequently.
  • Sometimes, the host city/country has certain restrictions or different tax rules, forcing you to adjust according to the host city/country.
  • You will find it difficult to access tools and resources when you need some support because there are limited resources for military spouse entrepreneurs.

In a nutshell, it is super challenging for a military spouse to build a business while supporting the military member and taking care of the family.

How AMSE Is Helping Military Spouse Entrepreneurs

The Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs (AMSE) provides much-needed support, education, and guidance to military spouse entrepreneurs.

AMSE helps military spouses to learn how to launch, build or scale a business. Over 1000 members of the community connect through digital, live events monthly. Also, you can build ideas, look for brand collaboration, and find an opportunity to grow your business during these events.

What’s more, you don’t have to look for tools and resources if you’re stuck. AMSE has vetted resources and events for small business success. Therefore, you can easily get guidance to streamline your business operations.

Moni Jefferson, the cofounder of AMSE, said in the interview,

Everybody can start. But if they get stuck or they’re insecure and vulnerable or don’t know what to do next, that’s where our community comes in. We have a slack Channel, we have co-working, we have group coaching, and we have so many additional add-ons that will help the spouse succeed. We get it, and if we don’t know something, we will connect them with somebody who knows and collaborate with them and support them along the way.

AMSE offers two membership options. You can join it free or opt for the paid membership that provides multiple benefits to grow your business. You can find more details about the membership options here.

If you want to know more about how AMSE can help you succeed, you can watch or listen to the interview below.

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