Things I’ve never been hardcore enough to try

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I’ve tried a lot of experiments with my money over the years, but there are still some I’ve never been able to pull the trigger on.

Here’s a list of them below – perhaps you’ve accomplished them and lived to tell the tale? 🙂

#1. Using cash only for an entire month

I swear this one’s been at the top of the list for 5 years now, but ever since having kids I just haven’t had the energy to give it a real go, haha…

I could get by with daily expenses just fine (I already use cash for most of those), but how the heck would you pull off paying your rent or utility bills, or even Netflix with only cash money? Can you just walk into their headquarters with a wad of it and hope they don’t give you the side eye?

I actually paid for coffee in spare change the other day and I swear the cashier didn’t know how to add it up, haha… So until I’m kid-free or we revert to the pre-plastic days, I’m afraid this one will remain on ice.

#2. Selling the wife’s engagement ring

Technically this would be my wife’s decision, but you’re always hearing about how people (bloggers) are cashing them in and using the $$$ for more prudent things like savings or paying off houses/etc – as if to right a past wrong from their pre-FIRE days.

Now I’m not a hater of the bling, but considering my wife only wears hers approximately 3 times a year for special events (the diamond scratches the kids), that $7,000 or so could def. have been put to better use. And it’s not like she doesn’t have another ring that signifies the same thing that she does wear every single day (wedding band).

Still, I’ve never been brave enough to broach the subject, so I’m passive aggressively sharing it here to see if I get her attention 😉 She tells me she still reads this blog, but does she really???

#3. Going down to a one car/no car family

A few years back I came *THIS CLOSE* to living with only one car while we were in a more walkable city, but sadly that window has passed unless I desire to extend our daily travels by a solid 10x (nope).

I’m always blown away by large families that have figured this out though, so if you are one of them PLEASE DIVULGE ALL YOUR SECRETS so I can one day consider it again! But only after Baby Dime grows up as my personal car currently doubles as a sleeping center as well (Praise the Lord).

#4. Cloth diapers

This one’s going to be a short one. 6 years ago I asked my wife if she wanted to try out cloth diapers when we had our first babe, and her response was a hearty “hell no.”

And that was that 🙂

#5. Moving somewhere dirt cheap

This is probably the #1 tip from all financial “experts” whenever you say you want to save a lot of money. Which admittedly is very helpful if you hate where you live AND ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS MONEY. But what if you have awesome friends, family, job, social life, where you currently are? Could you trade all that for some extra savings?

At one point I could have (right out of college – although I still chose one of the most expensive cities to move to instead – New York City, hah!), but nowadays loved ones and kids dominate all priorities. So unless I can magically convince everyone I know to trek across the continent with me, we look for our savings elsewhere and just sigh whenever I’m reminded that it’s not normal to shell out half a million dollars for a condo – hah.

#6. Getting rid of all my stuff

Ironically I’m about to start a “one thing a day” challenge which I’ll be sharing in a bit, but as much as I’m obsessed with minimalism, I haven’t gotten to the point of wanting to unload *everything* I own quite yet.

Still, the idea 100% intrigues me (although I always get stuck on the sentimental stuff!), so I won’t cross this one off my list forever, but for now I’ll have to live vicariously through all the nomads out there… As well as for all my kids to finally leave the house 🙂

#7. Shaving my head

Michael Jordan, Bruce Willis, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – all incredibly wealthy, all incredibly bald!

But as much as this is the Best Hack Ever according to my friend Lee over at Bald Thoughts, I am enjoying what little still remains on my head until the fateful day when it finally retreats altogether 😉 I’ve rocked this style for over 1/3 of my life already, so it’s going to feel so weird putting down those hairspray bottles once and for all! The savings will just go toward therapy sessions!

And that’s all I’ve got for you today, haha…

Ever try out any of these before? Got any lists of your own you’ve been too nervous to tackle?

Share with the community and we’ll continue the madness below 😉 And for a list of all those experiments I have tried with my money over the years, click here.


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