With consumers paying more attention every season to where our clothes are made and how responsibly, brands no longer have the opportunity of sitting out of the conversation. Proactive work in the field is essential and Farfetch’s Positively Conscious scheme is the perfect example.

Farfetch developed a set of independently backed criteria to qualify Conscious products on the platform. The Conscious criteria leverage established and widely recognized standards and certifications on sustainable materials and business practices in fashion. In the criteria development process, Farfetch engaged the expertise of some leading organizations (including Good on You and Sigillum Knowledge Solutions) to provide critical recommendations on the standards and certifications selected.

The Conscious label is earned on Farfetch after the sustainability team asses five key parameters: material composition, material production processes, whole product certification, pre-owned nature, and the brand rating on Good on You. If a product matches one or more of these categories, it’s given the Positively Conscious go-ahead.

We took to the Positively Conscious pages to round up some of our favorite items. Ranging from patchwork accessories to rugged workwear boots, it’s proof that every wardrobe can be built consciously.

Denim is renowned for its water-heavy production process. It’s a natural place, then, to start altering your wardrobe. Jeanerica uses only organic cotton and manufactures locally to reduce its carbon footprint.

One of the UK’s most exciting young designers, Bethany Williams’ collections look to eco-friendly materials and upcycling to make their mark. This product is awarded the Positively Conscious logo for its use of vegan leather.

Brainchild of Emily Bode, BODE allows the designer to distill her love of vintage Americana. Recycled vintage fabrics become the foundation for stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces. This pair of patchwork trousers is cut from a quilted, geometric pattern.

Often, it’s the pieces of clothing that you’ve shredded that mean the most to you. Ripped cuffs, patches, and washed-out dyes are the telltale signs that Greg Lauren has transplanted onto this khaki hoodie for that pre-loved finish.

Cut from artificial leather, this pair of workwear boots from GmbH gives you the hard-wearing qualities of real leather boots without the nasty stuff. A futuristic loop fastening to the outer wall punctuates the black leather silhouette.

By Walid’s signature patchwork style has caught our attention lately. From footwear to headwear, the designer’s patchwork expertise knows no bounds. Made using upcycled fabrics, too, it fits squarely into the Conscious category.

How can a chain be conscious? Actually, you’d be surprised. The Conscious label extends to the human impact of your clothing, too. John Hardy jewelry is handmade in Bali by the artisans that inspired the work in the first place.

Copping a real leather jacket is difficult to reconcile with a conscious mindset unless you’re buying second-hand. If you’re set on buying new, though, the Nanushka Arto Leather Jacket is about as good as vegan leather comes.

Your love of leather doesn’t have to die with a conscious attitude, by the way. Take these CAMPERLAB Loafers, for example. Made using leather that has been produced in an audited and certified Leather Working Group (LWG) tannery. The LWG assesses and certifies leather manufacturers that reduce the environmental impact of production.

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