When something gnaws at you—be it a rude customer, irritating coworker, or terrible neighbor—there’s usually not much to be done about it. But every once in a while, the opportunity arises for a deliciously petty revenge. When you get the chance to annoy someone just as much as they’ve annoyed you, you’ve got to take it—and that’s exactly what these people did.

1. Don’t Eat The Yellow Pizza

I lived in an apartment with a roommate. We had neighbors who would throw crazy parties pretty frequently, often times during the week. One day, my roommate who had to be awake early got fed up and decided to pee on a metal pizza pan and stick it in the freezer. After a crazy party he pulled the pan out, and flipped it upside down, giving him a frozen disc of pee.

He then slid that disc under their door where it would melt on their fully carpeted entryway. We woke up to them shouting at the people who crashed there, demanding to know who peed on the floor and what the heck was wrong with them.


Petty vengeanceUnsplash

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