Not all teachers are angels, but these ones are sure to get you in the feels. From lending golden nuggets of wisdom to inadvertently saving lives, these teachers changed their students’ lives forever. Get ready for heartening stories, weepy eyes, and a heaping dose of the warm and fuzzies. Read on to learn of some of the most memorable teachers around.

1. Being Seen

A teacher called me out of English my senior year to chat in the hall just to “check on me and how I was doing.” He had no idea that I was actually thinking about ending my own life. I had planned to head to the girls’ room after that class with a purse full of pills…I was going to all of them. That one act of “being seen” changed the entire direction of my life.

I’m in my 40s now and run a nonprofit that works with our school to provide food, clothes, school supplies, Christmas gifts, prom dresses, testing fees, etc. Pretty much anything a student might lack that takes their focus off being the best them they can be, we work to meet it. I have four teens and a dozen more of their friends who view our house as their second home and safe space when things are rough at home.

Mr. Williams, you were an angel and your impact has touched hundreds of kids because you showed me the value of helping kids know they matter.


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