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Christmas has the power to inspire childlike wonder in even the most grown-up adults. From the chocolate of an advent calendar to the Christmas-Eve excitement, it’s a holiday fraught with memories and nostalgia. As if it needed any more, LEGO has been building a collection of sets that are enough to make you wonder why you ever stopped playing with it. Whether it’s for you or an ex-LEGO fanatic, they make the ideal Christmas gifts.

Much of our selection is in line with Christmas, from the set of Home Alone to a snowy gingerbread house, but if you’re looking for something sleeker, be sure to hit up the LEGO Technic Bugatti and Lamborghini models. New arrivals come in the form of the LEGO Botanicals sets which allow you to build a Bonsai tree or a bouquet of flowers that never dies. There’s a LEGO set for everyone in the family this season and StockX never sells out.

Stuck for Christmas decorations this year? This Santa’s Visit set is the DIY, festive addition that your living room needs.

An undeniable Christmas favorite, Home Alone‘s set is no less than iconic at this point. Build this set while you watch the film for full festive points. At 3955 pieces, you might need to watch all five of the films in a row, though.

While some love the social aspect of Christmas, others need a way to escape. With 9090 pieces, this Titanic model is a serious project to undertake and might just be your golden ticket out of watching Elf for the seventh time.

More accessible, weighing in at 1477 pieces, this Gingerbread House Set is perfect for all ages.

Everyone’s received a pair of shoes for Christmas, but who’s received a pair of LEGO shoes for Christmas? We’re all for new kicks, but switch it up this year for new bricks.

Owning a Lamborghini is a pipe dream for many of us, but building your very own Sian might not be. Disclaimer: does not have an engine and is a fraction of real size…

The unmistakable two-tone body and beige interior of the Bugatti Chiron make for a satisfying project.

One of the more exciting moves in the world of LEGO lately has been the announcement of LEGO Botanicals. If building Lambos isn’t for you, this elegant bouquet might work.

Caring for Bonsai trees is considered an art in Japan because of how much time and effort it takes to do well. If you’re all about the end product and don’t have time for trimming, this LEGO version should do the job.

We all know that R2-D2 is the best character in Star Wars (don’t @ us). Honor the MVP of a galaxy far, far away with this 2500 piece model.

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