Humans tend to be rather fragile and we sometimes have to face our own mortality. These Redditors have lived to tell the tales of the times when they almost didn’t make it back from the brink of the abyss. Luckily, they all survived and are able to share their stories so that we don’t have to learn the same lessons the hard way.

1. Calm Down And Breathe

The teachers refused to believe that me, a scrawny seven-year-old who has had asthma my entire life, was having trouble breathing and that I really needed my inhaler. Not only did they refuse to let me take it, but they also wouldn’t let me call my mother or doctor, so I suffered an entire school day being practically unable to breathe.

I collapsed on the walk home with my mother as I was mid-way explaining why I was having trouble breathing and was rushed to the hospital via ambulance for extra-strength steroids and an oxygen tent. I did a two-day stint with doctors and nurses who all knew me, since I was in hospital monthly for asthma attacks. When my mother found out the full story of what happened, she absolutely lost it.

She marched down to the principal’s office and what ensued was a one-way screaming match with her basically reaming out the school staff who were all aware of my medical condition but thought I was faking it. After that, whenever I needed my inhaler, I could take it freely. No explanation necessary.


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