Huge conglomerate companies, institutes of higher learning, and even the restaurants down the strip all have one thing in common—they have systems in place. And, where there’s a system, there’s a way to cheat it. These Redditors go above and beyond the call of duty in search of that rare and lawful way to get what they want without barely lifting a finger. They break codes, tell fibs, take advantage of typos, and still somehow manage to sleep well at night. Read on for some juicy secrets, exposed:

1. Works Well In Groups

I pulled a lot of loophole stuff in high school, which explains why I was an English major in college. You see, I was very observant when it came to word choice, and I’d do anything I could to make things easier for me because of it. So, when my Environmental Science teacher assigned us a project to document all of the environmental safety acts from 1980 to the present, I was eager to find a loophole.

Documenting the acts included stating when they were enacted, what they protected, and what the penalty was for breaking those rules. At that point, there were 22 total acts, and I didn’t want to do this whole project on my own. That’s when I noticed that on the assignment sheet, it was stated that we could do the project in a group. I suddenly had a eureka moment.

So, I created a group of 22 people—spanning three periods of the class—and I assigned each person one act. Each of the 22 students filled the info into a template that I gave them, then emailed it back to me. I compiled all of the information, created a title page with 22 names on it, and emailed the completed project back out to everyone.

The look on my teacher’s face the day we turned it in was priceless. He pulled me aside later and told me the staff got a good chuckle out of what we did. By the way: we all got an A.


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