They say the customer is always right–but there are times when that’s just clearly not true. From unreasonable demands to rude conduct, retail workers often have to put up with a lot more than they signed up for. As patient and professional as these workers try to be, when one finally gets pushed past the tipping point, there’s no telling what can happen.

1. The Local Watering Hole

This happened not to me, but to my mother. She was working at an upscale cocktail lounge in Arlington, Virginia, just out of college. It was a fancy place. The clientele were all Washington, DC businessmen. It was common for large groups of men to come in and get absolutely wasted. One night, one hot-headed guest went way too far.

He decided, after a few cocktails, that it would be hilarious to untie the wrap skirt that was part of her uniform. Bad idea. My mother was furious and dumped an entire tray of martinis on his head. She was promptly fired, but still thinks it was worth it.


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