For all those in search of true love, here are some cautionary tales. Dating, for the most part, is pain, pain, and more pain—but these Redditors truly managed to find the worst possible dates on the planet. From creepy slimeballs to oversharing weirdos, these dating disasters might just convince you that singledom is a downright paradise.

1. Everyone Loves A Good Nap

She looked great when I picked her up from her house. The first thing she asked was to go to the convenience store, where I bought her a big box of discount tampons and two packs of smokes. She opened the smokes and lit one up and then opened the tampons and installed one right there in the front seat. She crumpled up the paper and tossed it on the ground.

I started to drive to the restaurant. During the drive at some point, she fell asleep. We got to the restaurant and I couldn’t wake her up. The more I tried, the nastier she got. I drove her back home. Then spent about 25 minutes trying to get her up and out of the car. She called me the next day and apologized. She told me she took a Xanax right before I got there.

She also said it was good I brought her back early because she was supposed to be babysitting her sister’s kids. Her sister came home early and I saved her from a bunch of problems. Although we talked on the phone, we never went out after that, and I quickly lost track of her after. And I have absolutely no idea where she is today.


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