Infidelity is the dirtiest game you can play, and these shameless cheaters dealt their partners the worst hands imaginable. Buckle up: These Redditors have known the sting of true heartbreak, and their stories run the gamut, including everything from secret threesomes to ruthless revenge plots. To all the cheaters in the world, karma’s coming for you.

1. Totally Guiltless

I came home from work and she was upstairs. I yelled for her and she said she was on the phone talking to her mom, and then she closed the bathroom door so I couldn’t hear her anymore. At the time, it was as if someone invisible was standing behind me, whispering “she’s lying.” It was 2002 and we had a landline with cordless phones and a base station.

I walked into the room with the base station, then hit mute and turned on the speaker. At that moment, my worst fears were confirmed. I heard her talking to a guy and I could tell from the conversation that they had been intimate for a while. They were talking about when I would be working next. I didn’t say anything; I just talked to a lawyer and filed for divorce. When I told her I knew and had already sought a lawyer, she started dating the other guy.


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