Has this ever happened to you? You’ve been the butt of a joke at work or at school, but the only thing you could do was laugh uncomfortably. Well, these quick-witted Redditors not only came up with some of the greatest comebacks you’ll ever hear, but they came up with them right on the spot. Ouch! Take note because these one one-liners are absolutely priceless.

1. Burn At The Bar

Whilst training in the British army we went out for a few drinks and every unit has that one Bell-end that thinks he’s god’s gift to women. Ours spotted a good-looking girl at the bar and announced to us all watch the master at work. He proceeds over to the bar next to the girl and says, “I’ve got the biggest dick you’ll ever see and will give you the time of your life.”

The girl responds as quickly as a flash, “Is it really big?” He says yeah. She asks if it reaches his butt. Him, being the jerk that he is, responds, “Of course it does.” She comes back with “Great. You can go screw yourself then.” He ran off like his hair was on fire and we all bought the girls drinks for the rest of the night and told her she was our hero.


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