Everyone has neighbors, and everyone has one neighbor who stands out from the rest. They might be good, they might be bad, or they just might be odd. Here people share their stories of having to live near one of those neighbors. The ones who, for better or worse, make every day a day to remember and give everyone in the neighborhood something to talk about.

1. Neat Freak

One of the neighbors down the street vacuumed his driveway every single day. Not only that, but he liked to show off how clean his vacuum attachments were. He disliked one of his neighbors on the one side, so when it snowed, he would build a wall of snow between their houses. He just kept shoveling all of it into a giant pile so he wouldn’t have to see them. That’s not all.

He didn’t like snow in his yard—and his solution for that was truly deranged. He would shovel his side into garbage bags then put it in his backyard.


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