Sometimes moms are too critical. Sometimes dads forget your birthday. But those types of small parenting mistakes are nothing compared to these totally toxic parents. From the ultrastrict to the utterly neglectful, there are all kinds of terrible parentsand these Redditors shared their stories of the moment they witnessed a parent go way too far.

1. They’re A Little Too Close

My first real relationship at the beginning of college was with a girl who had a strange dad. The first time I went over to her and her family’s house, her dad walked in her room and started massaging her feet while she was laying on the bed and he was all like, “I love you, sweetie.” Then, he introduces himself to me after like two minutes of foot rubbing.

I was like, “Um, what the heck was that?!” when he left. She said that he’s just an affectionate dad. But that wasn’t all. She then told me how they hold hands while watching movies. A massive yikes.


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