According to some merch on your grandma’s countertop, “home is where the heart is.” Sadly, that’s not always how things work out in the real world. These people went over to other people’s houses, whether they were friends, family, classmates, or clients, only to stumble into utterly different worlds. From the harmlessly odd to the “wish I could unsee that” horror, here are the weirdest things people have seen in other folks’ houses.

1. Room For One More?

I rented a house with a couple of friends a few years ago. In the attic, we found what we would come to call the “Angry Room.” The stairs led up to the finished part of the attic, and through a heavy wooden door was the unfinished area with no windows or lights. Following the path of narrow carpet scraps as it snaked off into the darkness, you came to a rough door that latched only from the outside.

Next to the door was a pull-chain for the single, bare light bulb in the tiny room on the other side of the door. Inside, it was completely featureless, aside from the various metal brackets on the ceiling and two of the walls. The door had scratches on the inside and there were a few small holes in the walls. But hey, the rent was cheap and it was close to campus.


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