Sometimes when we’re faced with something bizarre, terrifying, or so out of the realm of our normal experience, we’re hit with an overwhelming urge to explain it. We often think that rationalizing this will give it less power. But, how do we explain the unexplainable? These Redditors gazed into an abyss…and the abyss gazed back. 

1. Deja Vu

When I was in high school, my mom, my little sister, and I would eat dinner together every evening and tell each other about our days. At the time, my sister was young and still in elementary school. On one Monday during summer break, we were all having dinner and my sister told us about how she and our next-door neighbors were playing with their new cat when it got loose outside.

They had to spend the whole day looking for it. Fast forward two days later, and my sister told me the exact same story she had told two days prior…My mom and I looked at each other funny because we both clearly remembered the cat story. When we asked her if she had mistaken the day, she just gave us this blank look and said had no memory of it. But it got even creepier. 

When we called our neighbors to ask them about the cat incident, they told us all of it happened that same day, Wednesday, and they weren’t even in town on Monday. So my sister told us a story two days before it happened and had no memory of it. How is that possible? Where was my sister on Monday? We still don’t know what happened. 


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