There’s never a dull moment working at a drive-thru. You never know who’s going to pull up to your window, or what shocking thing a customer will say or do. Thankfully, should you run into trouble during your shift, you can always close your window and lock it shut. From raging Karens to cringe-inducing creeps, these weird moments at the drive-thru will make you shake your head in disbelief.

1. Elephant In The “Room”

I was working at a Tim Hortons in Newfoundland when I was 15. A guy came up to the speaker box, ordered his coffee, and then I heard a weird noise that sounded like an elephant. When he approached the window, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Lo and behold, there was in fact a baby elephant in the back of his pick-up…at the drive-thru…on an island in Canada.

I was so confused, but I just couldn’t bring up the elephant in the room—or in pick-up, I guess.


Drive ThruWikimedia.Commons

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