When we think of branding, often we visualize a logo, a beautifully integrated website, or unique fonts to help us stand out. However, there is more to branding than what meets the eye. The way we interact with others in our trade and how we carry out an entire experience all has to do with branding inside a business.

If you want to remain a successful photographer, use these top strategies to help brand your business and make a lasting impression with your clients. Cover photo by Maxwell Nelson.

What Makes Your Photography Brand Strong?

A strong brand starts with you. Your personality is what makes your photography brand stand out and helps build connections with potential clients. You can attract your desired clients by getting to know them personally and providing a positive experience.

However, it would be best to allow your clients to know you before they meet with you in-person. Letting your clients in on this opportunity offers them a chance to decide on whether they want to meet with you.

You can set this up by establishing an online presence through your website and social media. While this strategy allows you to save time beforehand, your potential clients can hear your story and get excited when they imagine themselves working with you.

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Utilize Your Personal Network

The key to spreading the word about your photography brand is starting with people you maintain personal connections with and providing them with an outstanding experience. For instance, you can create a magnetic brand by surprising them with a free photography session and delivering the photos straight to their door.

People will talk about your photography sessions and how you perfectly capture everything they envision when they experience your brand. Hopefully, if your clients have fun working with you, they’ll refer you to people they know, and eventually, your brand will start to catch on. The objective is to wow your clients in hopes of creating a memorable impression.

Localize Marketing

Get the word out about your photography brand by letting people know what you do. You can start with this by attending local events happening around your community. Start conversations with people and hand out your business cards. Let your personality shine through when building relationships.

Another great way to get your work out there is by showcasing it in local gatherings like coffee shops and restaurants. While you’re getting the chance to promote your brand, you’re also providing businesses with beautiful artwork to display on their walls.

localized marketing

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First Impressions Are Everything

Making a great first impression is a good start to branding your photography business. After all, your brand starts with you and the differences you can make in the first place.

The best way to begin with an excellent first impression is by being respectful. If you believe a client would be great to work with, find a way to set up an introduction.

Whether or not you decide they are the right fit after the initial meeting, you can at least thank them for scheduling time out of their busy day to meet with you. If you decide they are a dream client, create a lasting impression by providing them with a free promotional item. Handing out a purposeful product will wow clients and, hopefully, make them want to work with you again.

Create a Mailing List

Email marketing is considered one of the most effective strategies for branding your photography business. Brands that implement email marketing in their strategy can achieve a 68% growth rate in revenue for their profession.

Emailing curates the highest form of engagement, and it’s an excellent way for people to stay connected to your photography brand.

You can ask people to sign up for emails by handing over your business cards. Or integrate a subscriber form on your website, so people know where to sign up for your newsletters. But, be sure to offer them something in return, so this encourages them to give you their email address.

If your audience wants to start their own photography business, you can create a small how-to guide. Or offer a free desktop background image as a way to say “thank you” for subscribing to your emails.

Once you start sending out newsletters, be sure to avoid being too sales-focused or pushy. Create content with stories about your sessions or behind-the-scenes processes. This strategy is your gateway to developing personal connections with your audience. And they won’t feel so pressured to schedule a session each time you send out an email.

Optimize a User-friendly Website With SEO 

A website is a primary strategy for making your brand stand out from competitors. You can make your brand unique by incorporating an About page that highlights your personality. An About Me page gives you the chance to share your story, why you love spending time with your clients, and how you make them feel special.

Think of a website as your portfolio. A website can display your work while impressing a potential client. Your website should offer a way for you to sell to your audience.

A simple web design and body copy can lead your visitors to a call-to-action when they’re ready to book you. Ensure your visitors understand how they can work with you and what to expect when scheduling their first session with your brand.

When creating content on your website, use SEO to rank your site in Google’s search results. Including keywords relevant to your business and local area will allow your site to pop up in the search results when users are searching for a photography business in their area. Keep in mind that SEO is a long-term strategy for achieving effective marketing results.

seo website traffic data

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How to Build a Strong Photography Brand and Stand Out

Before you start selling your brand as a photography business, identify your unique selling proposition. Think of how your style is different from everyone else. What experience can you provide for your ideal clients?

After establishing a unique perspective on your website, start creating a cohesive look for your work. Refining your identity visually allows people to recognize your work instantly.

Once you start to specialize in a specific styling technique, you can begin identifying your dream clients. Who do you think would align with your brand the most? It’s essential to establish a niche, so you avoid spreading yourself too thin. The most effective way to serve your audience is by having their needs in mind.

Now that you have these strategies for building your photography brand, you can start setting the foundation for your business growth. Each method can be a work in progress, but try not to keep that from holding you back. It takes time to build a successful photography business, so make sure you’re genuinely invested in it and remember to have fun when building your brand.

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