The Sunday Scaries hit different in a pandemic. Here's how to help ease them.

“Sunday Funday” my ass.

Pardon my language, but have you ever tried to have fun on a Sunday? Don’t get me wrong, a grand finale to the weekend is possible. You can sleep in, plan an elaborate brunch, and take time to recharge from the week — all of which sound lovely — but no matter how much fun I have during the day, Sunday night is always filled with a horribly familiar, gnawing sense of dread. 

These Sunday-specific anxieties are common. So common in fact that they have a name: Sunday Scaries.

Being away from work and unwinding on Friday night and Saturday feels great, but Sunday Scaries creep up when you remember that Monday is just around the corner. The mental anticipation of returning to work can leave you feeling trapped in the hell zone with no way out. And each weekend you’re forced to strap in and ride that same emotional roller coaster. Read more…

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