Rubinacci, Naples’ most revered bespoke tailoring house and outfitters, has always been a firm favourite of The Rake. What makes Rubinacci so special is that it has, with an uncompromising approach, struck the hard-to-find balance between offering formal and casual dress at the peak of excellence and craftsmanship. Despite offering wares at both ends of the spectrum, though, an elegant sensibility to each and every garment is omnipresent.

Taking inspiration from the structured English school of thought and injecting the Neapolitan way, for a limited time only, Rubinacci are offering 50% off a curated selection of items. From checked sports jackets in cashmere and wool blends, to flat-fronted corduroy trousers.

We hope you enjoy browsing the offering and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Shop the Rubinacci sale offering, here.

  • Rubinacci-Grey-Houndstooth-Double-Breasted-Jacket
  • Rubinacci-Grey-Houndstooth-Manny-Pleated-Trousers
  • rubinacci-brown-linen-and-silk-check-single-breasted-jacket

Rubinacci The Rake

  • rubinacci-light-grey-wool-flat-fronted-trousers
  • rubinacci-brown-and-green-check-cashmere-single-breasted-jacket
  • rubinacci-navy-rubinacci-casentino-ulster-coat

  • rubinacci-grey-and-white-wool-pleated-trench-coat
  • rubinacci-blue-cotton-denim-ruby-jeans
  • rubinacci-brown-check-cashmere-single-breasted-jacket

  • rubinacci-blue-cashmere-lined-single-breasted-jacket
  • rubinacci-burgundy-cashmere-peacoat
  • rubinacci-brown-rubinacci-casentino-ulster-coat



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