Jason Snell:

Something strange happened at Apple’s iPhone 11 event on Tuesday: the Apple Watch stole the show.


Before the Apple Watch first came out, I spent a couple of years wearing the Pebble, a proto-smartwatch. When people asked me how it was to use, I always responded by saying, “it tells the time.” Yes, that was me poking fun at the tiny feature set of the Pebble, but it was also highlighting what is fundamentally the most important part of a watch — displaying the current time on its face.


Thanks to some clever redesigned display technology and a bunch of other upgrades, the Apple Watch Series 5 will show the current time on its face, no jiggling required.

I do get Jason’s point, and the always-on display is a welcome add-on, no doubt. But star of the show? For me, it was the camera.

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