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As much as this website encourages people to disconnect, podcasts are one of those things that are an exception to that rule. They’re incredible. And they can make the mundane (doing laundry, riding the bus, ironing or shining shoes) nothing short of extraordinary. Each month our resident podcast connoisseur, Dave I., finds three podcasts worth your time and ears.



Gone podcast

Every other Monday hosts Molly Brandenburg and Richard Rossner investigate well known, and some not well known, mysteries. Ever wanted to know about D.B. Cooper and his famous airplane jump? What about the legendary Amber Room? This podcast is focused on exploring those mysteries and presenting the listener with the most probable answer through a review of the available evidence. Start with the aforementioned podcast about D.B.Cooper from April 19, 2018. Then move on to The Lost Cosmonauts from July 29, 2019 to find out if Yuri Gagarin really was the first human to journey in to outer space. Finish off with the episode Nazi Gold in Lake Toplitz from June 29, 2020 for a really fascinating and mysterious treasure hunt.


This Sounds Serious

This Sounds Serious podcast

Like satire? How about satire told in the form of a fictional true crime podcast shared in the same manner as the podcast Serial? Enter This Sounds Serious. Season three has just been released entitled “Grand Casino”, where the story line revolves around TV producer Kirk Todd and his plan to direct his first movie, Grand Casino. But then Kirk disappeared with all the money and wouldn’t you know it? Kirk Todd is actually a con man named Jeremy Weaver. Told with deadpan humour and true to life reporting skills, This Sounds Serious is the perfect podcast to get you through those stay-at-home blues. If satire/humour is your jam, be sure to listen to season one “The Case of Daniel Bronstadt” and season two “Missing Melissa”.


LeVar Burton Reads

LaVar Burton Reads podcast

This isn’t Reading Rainbow, but the man with those golden tones is back and providing that familiarity (and frankly, terrific narrating style) for grown ups. How many times, as an adult, can you say that someone has read you a story? Probably not very many. This is what makes LeVar Burton Reads such an amazing podcast. Each week LeVar picks and reads one of his favorite short stories from start to finish. At the end, LeVar provides a bit of commentary and encourages the listener to do some thinking on the topic as well. The podcast is a nice quiet distraction from the grind of daily life, more so with LeVar’s soothing voice in your ear. “The Water Museum” from October 7, 2019 is an interesting short story, as is the two part “The Merchant and the Alchemist’s Gate” part one and two from June 1 and June 11, 2019. More recently, the story “Pockets” from August 10, 2020 was a good listen about what it’s like to find random objects in your jacket pocket.

About the author: Dave I. has been a Dappered reader for several years. His interest in fashion started with shoes and expanded to encompass watches, suits, and general men’s style. When not thinking about his next purchase he can be found enjoying a pint of locally brewed craft beer.


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