The King Has Arrived!

Introducing my new baby boy!

(Because apparently I don’t know how to make girls ;))

baby dime

Baby Dime gives our growing family a nice sum of 16 whole cents now, and I’m pleased to announce he’s just as healthy as he is cute 🙂

*Say hi to everyone, little guy!!!!*

And compared to his older two brothers so far, he has been a dream! Super relaxed and goes with the flow, and we’ve only had one super hard night in the past 7 days or so since he’s been alive… Hopefully it continues!

And I gotta say, there is a huge perk of having another kid of the same sex:


I swear we’ve maybe only bought two or three things in the past 9 months like a new car seat (did you know they expire??), but everything else we had more than covered…. Clothes, toys, play pens – dozens of each! And for once I’ll give my wife credit for battling me during my fits of minimalism* as we surely wouldn’t have had any of them had I gotten my way over the years 😉

So go mom!

Also came across this 9 month baby plan I announced here some months ago, which is funny to look at now since half of the stuff never saw the light of day, haha…

#1. Get my wife a minivan. Nope! Neither of us had the energy/motivation to go car shopping during the pregnancy, so we decided to table this until my wife’s car gets run into the ground, at which point we’ll pick one up for her. So thank goodness my SUV fit all 3 car seats okay!

#2. Be a stay-at-home dad who blogs on the side vs a stay-at-home blogger who dads on the side 🙂 Still on track for this one, although much too early to tell all the way considering my wife is very much at home with me right now doing a bulk of the work – hah. The REAL test will be when her maternity leave is over and she goes back to work 🙂 I *think* I can do it on my own while still maintaining this blog, but I may need to cheat a little and get help for a few hours here and there – we’ll see.

#3. Move back to my home state of Virginia to be closer to family. FAIL #2. I wanted this one real bad, but alas the cards weren’t on the table yet so we’re giving this state another year and going to try making it back next summer vs this summer. Not optimal, but hey – such if life, eh?

#4. Working less but living more. YES!!! Definitely doing more of this!! Still haven’t worked a single weekend in over 9 months, nor a night in probably 5 or 6… That walk with my son last year combined with the news of this pregnancy did a whopper on my life/work balance, and I have yet to regress back to Hustle Land. Which I do miss at times, but not as much as HAVING A LIFE!!! Hah! And I’m still taking mad naps!! 🙂

So yeah – all good in the Money household over here, and if I’m slow at responding to anyone over the next handful of weeks/decades, you’ll now know why (although we’ll continue our regularly scheduled postings here as I always have a few hours in between sleepings and poopings).

Speaking of which, time to log off as it’s just about that time to change the wee one’s diaper!

Thanks for all your kind words and prayers over the past handful of months, guys! They worked!!! And I’ll see you again in between some good ol’ quality baby loving sessions….

Here’s another pic of our lass before I go – looks just like his father before his morning coffee!

baby dime grumpy

*Isn’t minimalism so hard to figure out sometimes?? I literally wanted to give away allll our kids’ old stuff but my wife’s “we might need this some day” rational thinking won out… But how do you know when it’s rational or just hoarding?? Everything else we’ve ever gotten rid of hasn’t been missed an ounce, haha..


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