The family is arguably the most important institution in all societies. Growing up, we are taught to love and respect our family members to the fullest, no matter how bad things might get. Unfortunately, sometimes it just doesn’t always work out that way—bitter arguments can turn into serious fights, and those fights can turn into life-long grudges that ruin familial bonds forever. Read on for some heartbreaking stories that prove blood isn’t always thicker than water.

1. Wicked Sister

My parents disowned my oldest sister. Growing up, she always struggled more than us (she became a teen mom, partied a lot, etc.), but my parents helped her a lot. They do okay for themselves, but they had a no-co-signing rule for all six of my siblings and me. Still, they co-signed for her house so she could get a head start—a decision they’d soon regret.

She didn’t pay the mortgage for almost three years and my mom got served in front of all the other nurses at her work. My parents worked tirelessly to try to work out deals to help my sister keep the house, but because my sister never showed up for court dates, nothing worked. During this time, she paid $12K for IVF and got pregnant with her fifth kid.

When my mom demanded some of the money back, she falsely accused my dad and my brother of beating her sons when my parents took them to Disney World. She even threatened to file a report if he asked for money again. All of this was horrible, but things really came to a head during Christmas when she committed the unforgivable.

She punched my brother in the face during the meal for “humiliating” her oldest son by asking him if he wanted to work at his company for good pay. Her oldest son was in and out of prison, and my brother was just trying to help him after his release. Out of anger, she called 9-1-1 and told them my brother had dangerous goods in his truck.

They came on Christmas night and conducted a search, but nothing was found in his vehicle. Needless to say, she is not welcome anywhere near any of us. My mom still cries about it, but even she refuses to talk to her again.


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