There is always that one kid people whisper about on the schoolyard. Students trade these secretive rumors amongst themselves at every opportunity. Perhaps these legends have been exaggerated, but it’s thrilling to think they could be true. These Redditors share the stories of the birth of their own high school legends and the kids that became history.

1. Hero And Legend

When I was in the eleventh grade, a guy a year older than me saved a younger girl from being abducted by her estranged father in the school parking lot. Her dad hadn’t been in her life for years and had previously tried to take her from her elementary school. This being her first year in high school, I guess he tried again.

The twelfth grader heard her scream as her dad tried to force her into his car and he ran over and got involved, apparently punching the dad before the dad got back in his car and sped off.


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