A year after Google convinced me to ditch my iPhone 6S for a Pixel 2, it had the chance to win me over again with the Pixel 3. It didn’t close the deal.

The Pixel 2 is so good, and the upgrades the Pixel 3 provides that I most want are coming soon to Pixel 2 — everything else seems incremental. After watching Google’s Tuesday event, I know there’s no need for me to get a new phone. 

My next phone’s features have to make a meaningful difference, and once I’m ready for the jump, I’m not swayed by brand loyalty. And the Pixel 3 simply didn’t cut it.

I may be an outlier when it comes to comfortably hopping from brand to brand or operating system to operating system, but I’m one of the pack when it comes to keeping my phone for longer.  Read more…

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