Jordan 1 mids

If any shoe has been hard done by in recent years, it’s the Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid. While the High and Low versions took off, being granted access to wild collaborations and gracing the feet of basically every sneakerhead in the world, the Jordan 1 Mid was left on the bench like the last kid to be picked for a team. But, just like in the movies, the kid who wasn’t picked has been training hard behind the scenes and it looks like the tides are turning.

That’s right. The Nike Air Jordan 1 Mid is about to blow. Actually, it already has in Europe. Last year, Europeans bought three times the global average Jordan 1 Mids per capita and America is following suit now. More and more we’re seeing the Mid silhouette included in our favorite sneaker Instagram feeds which is usually the sign that a sneaker is about to blow.

So, before the wave breaks and the inevitable deluge of collaborations and limited releases begin, now’s the perfect time to get ahead of the curve. To push you in the right direction, we rounded up 10 of the best Nike Air Jordan 1 Mids of 2021 below with the help of Stadium Goods.

Inspired by the Chicago Bulls, this Metallic Red colorway partakes in a long tradition of the Jordan brand. We’ll never get bored of a red, white, and black palette.

Something about thermo-reactive surface always gets us. Maybe it’s the child in us, but this color-changing edition of the Mid has us hooked.

Versatility is the name of the game for the Jordan 1 Mid. Neither high nor low, opting for a mid-ground colorway like this Grey Fog iteration is in keeping with the silhouette itself.

This Racer Blue colorway shows Nike’s ability to maximize the use of a single hue. Sparing use of the Racer Blue hue ends up dominating the shoe thanks to clever placement and subtle material changes like the suede padded collar.

Neutral palettes have been a big focus for us lately. This Linen version of the Mid is a perfect example of the styling possibilities put forward by earth tones, especially in fall/winter.

A return to retro styles has seen an increase in colorways like this Pine Green version. We’re definitely on board with the varsity-leaning palette here.

A simple white & black base sets the stage for hits of Pollen Yellow to the Swoosh, Wings logo, and collar, emphasizing the eye-catching colorway.

Dedicated to the 2021 NBA All-Star game, this pair of Jordan 1 Mids is a relic of the strangest year in NBA history. It definitely has the power to become a collector’s piece.

Loud and proud. This Purple Pulse outfit is a real show-stopper. For those that want everybody to know that they’re representing for the Mids.

Nike’s ‘Barely’ colorways are some of our favorites. The faded finish gives this Barely Rose iteration a huge range for styling. From a distance, they look like a clean white pair, but up close, more is revealed.

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