The opening paragraph:

Defendants are notorious hackers — amoral 21st century
mercenaries who have created highly sophisticated
cyber-surveillance machinery that invites routine and flagrant
abuse. They design, develop, sell, deliver, deploy, operate, and
maintain offensive and destructive malware and spyware products
and services that have been used to target, attack, and harm Apple
users, Apple products, and Apple. For their own commercial gain,
they enable their customers to abuse those products and services
to target individuals including government officials, journalists,
businesspeople, activists, academics, and even U.S. citizens.

It gets more strident from there.

I genuinely wonder what Apple’s goals are with this suit. Is it just to bring NSO Group’s activities to light? If this goes to trial, the testimony should really be something to see. How much in damages will Apple seek at trial? Enough to bankrupt to NSO Group?


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