Andrei Frumusanu, writing for AnandTech:

In the GPU side, Apple’s peak performance improvements are off the
charts, with a combination of a new larger GPU, new architecture,
and the larger system cache that helps both performance as well as

Apple’s iPhone component design seems to be limiting the SoC from
achieving even better results, especially the newer Pro models,
however even with that being said and done, Apple remains far
above the competition in terms of performance and efficiency.

Overall, while the A15 isn’t the brute force iteration we’ve
become used to from Apple in recent years, it very much comes with
substantial generational gains that allow it to be a notably
better SoC than the A14. In the end, it seems like Apple’s SoC
team has executed well after all.

A thorough review, as usual. Interesting to contrast with Dylan Patel’s much-publicized “Apple CPU Gains Grind to a Halt and the Future Looks Dim” hot take last month, just after the Apple event. The A15 seems more about efficiency — and thus extending battery life — than going faster, but it does go faster, too.


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