The 13 best tweets of the week, including GameStop jokes, LMFAO, and Thanos

Somehow another week has passed. Days, weeks, months, it’s all the same isn’t it? Pandemics are weird. 

But here we are. It’s Friday. We’re going to celebrate that fact with some good tweets. Why? Who knows. But hopefully they’ll make you laugh. 

So, here they are, our 13 favorite tweets of the week. 

1. But visually it is represented by a knife

— thomas 🍌 (@perfectsweeties) January 28, 2021

2. Yes, this is a screenshot of a dril tweet to joke about the whole GameStop stock thing. But you have to admit it works. 

Billionaire hedge funds rn

— the tim’s gambit (@PostinMonkey) January 27, 2021 Read more…

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