There’s never a dull moment when you work as a taxi driver. You just never know who you’re going to pick up next or what secrets they’ll let slip out. Oftentimes, it’s the passengers who seem the most harmless who have the darkest things to share. Here are some of the juiciest secrets taxi drivers have overheard while on the job.

1. Stepping In

An 18-year-old guy who was a regular customer of mine was stressing over his exam results. He told me that if he’d failed, his life was over and he would have to end it all. He was completely serious. I was terrified—but I knew just what to do. Apparently, his parents had been putting overwhelming pressure on him. When I brought him home, I called his father out of the house, and by that time the poor guy was in tears.

I told him to tell his dad what he’d told me. The father was distraught. I let them both talk for a bit and eventually, the father got him out of the car and brought him inside. Later on, the guy updated me on what happened—he told his parents the whole story and they were horrified. They soon got him into therapy. I have no idea whether he passed his exams or not, but I do know he was alright afterward.

I was very shaken up about it. The situation could have easily gone wrong.


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