Save 10%: Target Circle Members can save 10% on any Target gift card up to $500 for a max savings of $50 through Dec. 5.

Is there a soul on this planet who’s made it through a Target trip without spending more than they intended to? If there is, we’ve yet to hear about them.

But that’s because the experience of meandering through a Target and adding items to your cart you’ve never once had on any shopping list is, in a word, powerful. Transcendent. Magic. And giving someone an actual budget to complete this activity — say in the form of a gift card — well, that’s a winning holiday gift right there. It’s also a holiday gift that could really come in clutch if you missed out on any Cyber Week deals or don’t want to deal with delayed shipping times.

Of course, Target gift cards are available all year round, but only once a year are they discounted, and that time has arrived. From Dec. 4 to Dec. 5, all Target gift cards up to $500 will be 10% off, whether you buy them in-person or online. It is important to note that this offer only extends to members of Target Circle, the retailer’s free loyalty program.

Once you’re locked and loaded with your Target Circle benefits, you can purchase both physical and digital versions of the gift card online, or a physical version in-store. If you are buying online, be aware that Target has warned that gift cards are subject to shipping delay due to potential increased demand.

Gift cards sometimes get a bad rep for being a cop-out present, but in this writer’s humble opinion, a Target gift card gives someone the freedom to buy anything they want from tech, to beauty, to home goods, video games, furniture, or even groceries. The possibilities are truly endless, but this sale isn’t, so grab your Target gift cards while they’re discounted through Dec. 5.

target gift card with red bow design

Credit: Target

Target gift card

Save 10% on any Target gift card up to $500 (max savings $50)

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